We’re very proud of the Bike Maps we’ve created for 25hours Hotels.
Six cities are waiting to be explored by bike – Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Vienna & Zurich.
The Maps we created include four tours to the best spots in town. We even outlined all bike paths and routes to avoid, perfect for a trip around each city!

At our Bike Repair & Coffee Kiosk – our beautiful old gas station – we offer quick repairs for your bike and delicious coffee to go. We’ve transformed this vintage beauty a few years ago from a run down gas station into a spot for cyclists, coffee lovers and neighbors alike, all while preserving the charm of the 60s architecture. Drop by and say hello!


The London brand LUMO approached us to accompany the brands launch in the German market with PR work. We developed an individual PR plan, a press release and the handling of media enquiries.

As a long-term partner of ours, 25hours hotel group has collaborated with us since 2011. The hotel group has grown into opening eight houses since then, developing four more until 2018.

We started to provide and maintain their fleet of rental bikes as a free service to their guests, as well as creating a retail concept for their kiosks in the reception area with a focus on bicycling accessories and gifts. Our collaboration has expanded into consultancy regarding a comprehensive, innovative bike mobility strategy, turning the ever-growing 25hours company into one of the first fully bike-friendly hotel groups in Europe. Our full-service mobility concept includes the individual expansion of the rental fleet, employee involvement and incentives, and several extensive communication strategies and events.

With our background in pro cycling journalism, GranFondo Magazine approached us, looking for unconventional writers for their new and exciting E-Magazine. Eager to be part in this new format, we delivered classic editorial work.

The city of Hamburg is aiming to be on the forefront of E-Mobility and has initiated several incentives for companies regarding electrically powered cars. We have noticed the gap and the need for E-Bikes as rental fleets for employees and have partnered up with Hamburg’s district office of Eimsbüttel, equipping them with modern e-powered bicycles. Employees can cycle to their inner-city appointments without worrying about limited parking spaces.

The Erste Liebe Bar in the heart of Hamburg is a popular spot for business people, tourists and creative workers alike. Surrounded by galleries the Bar itself becomes a piece of art on a regular basis. We were asked to organize/curate an extraordinary artwork to express the trend of urban mobility. We collaborated with Hamburg based artist Niels Buschke and Berlin based manufacturer Schindelhauer to create the wall installation „ I Feel Good Today“.

The detailed design was hand drawn and very well received by guests and bar owners alike.

Primitive Apparel from Los Angeles approached us about designing an exclusive Fixed Gear bike for their first European store in Berlin. With high-end parts and a minimal design, our aim was to communicate Primitive’s unique voice in regards to high quality street- and skatewear. The beautiful bike was designed to fit the brand as well as their retail concept.

The international commercial production company Erste Liebe Film approached us for a fleet of specially branded bikes to ride around with at the Cannes Lions advertising film festival. For several years now we provided dutch bikes and delivered them to the Cote Azur – a real eye catcher and convenient way to get from the festival to the many industry parties.

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