Let’s bring more bicycles to our cities. Due to rising urbanization and the continued growth of automobile culture, safe and easy solutions for cyclists are needed. As an Agency, our main goal is to get more people to ride and love bicycles.

We are experienced in developing sustainable bike mobility strategies, as well as offering services for various project goals, sizes and budgets.

Company Services

Brand Mobility Strategies

The core of our work is to translate our love for cycling to any company via our tailor-made mobility strategies and concepts. We help our clients to put more people on bikes and offer full service packages or customized projects for any budget.

Employee Integration & Coaching

Your employees carry your company’s message and to help create a positive work environment, our goal is for them to benefit from all the advantages bike riding offers. It starts with providing facilities, benefits and tools to make cycling to work or to an appointment the first option – without being stuck in traffic. In order for your employees to feel safe on the bike, we offer workshops & coaching for any age and expertise level.

Rental Solutions

We know what kind of bike it takes for people to choose it over any other mode of transportation, and with our expertise we can find the right rental for you and your company. Whether it’s „free to rent“ or „pay to ride“, we can develop the complete process behind renting a bike – from automatic schemes via app to mapping out maintenance schedules.

Brand Solutions

Brand Building

With our experience in setting up brands we help you stand out with a clear-cut message and the right positioning. We support small and big brands in the cycling industry by putting them into the spotlight and helping them to set themselves apart.

Custom-Made Bikes

What better way to stand out than to combine your brand with an exciting ride? Displaying a custom-made bike inside your shop, for events or as an employee incentive is a great eyecatcher. Ask us about unique models, including accessories and creative branding.

Retail Concepts

Our roots lie in the bike retail market and we have known the business for many years. What we achieved with TWO WHEELS GOOD was a unique store concept with a successful targeting of customers. We can design a look, feel and experience fitting to your brand from the moment a customer enters your shop to a successful sale.


Rental Fleet Solutions

We have over six years experience in hotel rental bikes. We provide hotels and resorts high-quality bikes that hotel guests or customers can experience the city and surrounding area by bike. Our clients have no organizational effort regarding service and repairs – and no further costs. We take care of everything. Please contact us for more details.

Cargo Bike Logistics & Branding

There are many ways to get your goods from A to B inside the city, and using a car is often the least clean, efficient and convenient way. For companies who want to sell or transport their goods on wheels, we support you with finding the right cargo bike model and setup for your needs, as well as branding options for spreading the good word. We can also research funding options for the purchase of one or a whole fleet of cargo bikes for your company.

PR & Communication

Editorial Writing

With our background in PR and Journalism, we can help you with writing articles and press releases in German and English.

Classic PR Work

With your investment into cycling culture you shouldn’t stay quiet. Communication is made easy with our plans ranging from social media consulting, classic PR work to editorial work for internal and external media.

Bike Projects


We want to bring people together – for bike riders to get inspired and for beginners to get involved in cycling. Whether it’s a bike ride, charity event, party or festival, we help you each step of the way.

Urban Art Projects

Our network of highly talented, international artists can brighten up every space and make people want to ride their bikes. We provide you with individual artwork, limited-edition prints and can organize collaborations with top-class illustrators, artists and studios.

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